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Fused by the bond of lasting friendships, the Kairós Project is a unique group founded by international musicians with a shared passion to create and perform chamber music. Friends with a long history of performing together, Kairós Project is flexible in form: the instrumentation and number of performers is determined by the repertoire and the venue of the concert with the common goal to create music of exceptional quality that is expressive and meaningful.

The Kairós Project arrives at a pivotal time confronting artists with two inevitable missions.

The first is to show the world that the arts are needed now more than ever before. One only needs to look to see that human beings/society turns to the arts during moments of crisis and great challenge. People sing, dance, paint, listen to a favorite song or perhaps a childhood melody because it gives them solace. The need to find comfort through the familiar is deeply rooted in human nature. As musicians, we create art that heals, comforts and inspires (hope).

The second mission is collaboration. We’re emissaries to people from different countries and cultures. In these difficult political and economic times, music has the power to unite in a common language and spirit; to connect us. It is more important than ever to erase borders and create this international ensemble. In the universal language of music this type of collaboration among different countries and cultures is not only possible but highly successful.

The mission of Kairós Project is based on three concepts: to broaden the presence of art in people’s lives, to educate through music and encourage participation, and to contribute to communities (and the lives of their families).

The Kairós Project strives to revive and emphasize the need for music, and to generate interest from the melophile to any curious person. The ensemble looks for new, different and unconventional ways to make music accessible to all audiences. The presentations on the background of the music and its historical context to help the audience better understand the music and hear what the composer wants to convey. When visual arts, literature, history and science merge with music, it gains dimension and becomes part of a greater whole.

One of our goals in working in collaboration with different artists is to present our work in a cultural settings such as museums, foundations, galleries. We also want our music to touch a broader spectrum we would like to bring music to schools to interact with young audiences, raise their awareness and peak their curiosity, so that perhaps they will listen to and perceive music differently. We want to contribute to the development of young minds. In addition, we would like bring live music to hospitals, retirement centers and to those who are physically or psychologically unable to attend concerts in conventional venues.

Music is a powerful language and it is essential to our human spirit.

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